• Update - January 2020

    • My piece The Bellringers was recently played on the [edit]radio podcast by composer and sound artist Paul Whitty. Listen to the podcast here and be sure to also check out Paul's music and projects.
    • I am now in the middle of recording my second release and follow up to Without Words.
    • I am still part of The Alpha Males - as well as working on my music we are currently rehearsing a large scale piece written by Malcolm Smith and some music by drummer, cellist Anthony Palmer. Look out for updates on upcoming performances.

  • JACK - Fresh on the Net

    Over the weekend my latest release JACK was voted a favourite of the 178 tracks submitted to the Fresh on the Net blog this week.

    You read the reviews and hear the 10 favourites here.

    In addition to this, Neil March gave the track a write up in his "Trust the Doc" new music blog, calling JACK "a jazzy, jaunty and joyful slice of uptempo shuffling instrumental play". You can see the full article here.

    I will be performing JACK with The Alpha Males at our upcoming concert in Bledlow.

  • Sunday afternoon with The Alpha Males

    I will be playing with The Alpha Males at this unique event in Bledlow. We will be playing a range of my music as well as a piece by Malcolm Smith written for the concert. We are also planning to perform a live score to The Alpha Males Film.

    Click here for more information and updates on this event.

  • JACK

    Live video featuring Jon Samsworth (bass), Chloe Tennant (synth and cowbell), Joel Urner (guitar), Malcolm Smith (piano and swanee whistle), Viktor Volaric-Horvat (drums).  Video by Dan Cayzer, recording and audio mix by Viktor Volaric-Horvat.

  • February - March

    Performing with The Alpha Males at Antenna Studios, Crystal Palace, 23/03/19. Photo George Harris.

    Several things have taken place, in the last two months that are worth writing about:

    * On February 18th my recording "Coconut Heralds" was featured as the closing track of The Monday Night Ride Out on Exile FM - the internet alternative / eclectic radio station. You can find out more about the show and the presenters Ming and John here.

    * I have released a recording of my 16 minute piece "Structured Disasters" made at my headline performance at The Ivy House, Nunhead last August. The piece, originally written for the Structured Disasters concert at the MK Gallery last May, here features the musicians Viktor Volarić-Horvat (drums), Joel Urner (guitar), Malcolm Smith (percussion and synthesizer), myself (percussion) and Chloe Tennant (violin). The recording is currently available to stream or as a free download!

    * On Marh 23rd I had the great pleasure to play with The Alpha Males (re-formed after a 10 year hiatus) supporting Haystack Monolith at Antenna Studios, Crystal Palace. The event was hosted by Rookery who also performed. This version of The Alpha Males featured previous members Rob Price, Mark Browne, Anthony Palmer, Rachel O'Mahony and myself alongside the welcome addition of Malcolm Smith. Our set was very well received by the audience - extra credit must be given to Anthony Palmer for playing drums and cello with a hole in his cornea. The concert as a whole was a wonderful event, bringing together many old friends and past musical collaborators. 

  • Vanishing Point #1

    November 1st will see the release of "Vanishing Point #1" a compilation of contemporary, ambient and experimental music from the UK. My track "Coconut Heralds" is featured alongside a range of noteworthy upcoming and established artists. Below is a preview of Paul Cook's CD sleeve design and here is a link to more info and artist bios.

    The release is being crowd funded - if you support the crowdfunder before November 1st, you will also receive a copy of the CD after that date.


  • Emerging from The Mist

    "The combination of delicate, impressionistic and open piano and strings chords, striking timbres and found sounds made for compelling listening." 

    - Neil March on "Echoes on Cambridge Street".

    My music has been featured once more on the new music blog Fresh on the Net in an in-depth article on experimental music entitled Emerging from the Mist. Fresh on the Net moderator Neil March also gives appraisal to my recent live performance at The Ivy House;

    "Having now experienced Jon and his band playing live at the inaugural Vanishing Point @ The Ivy House in Nunhead, I can confirm that Jon’s versatile, inventive and progressive compositional style and his band’s musicianship and expertise in interpreting his ideas are quite stunning". 

    The full article is extensive and also features appraisal of two of my collaborators past and present; Chloe Tennant (Cholly) and George Harris (Rookery).