• Emerging from The Mist

    "The combination of delicate, impressionistic and open piano and strings chords, striking timbres and found sounds made for compelling listening." 

    - Neil March on "Echoes on Cambridge Street".

    My music has been featured once more on the new music blog Fresh on the Net in an in-depth article on experimental music entitled Emerging from the Mist. Fresh on the Net moderator Neil March also gives appraisal to my recent live performance at The Ivy House;

    "Having now experienced Jon and his band playing live at the inaugural Vanishing Point @ The Ivy House in Nunhead, I can confirm that Jon’s versatile, inventive and progressive compositional style and his band’s musicianship and expertise in interpreting his ideas are quite stunning". 

    The full article is extensive and also features appraisal of two of my collaborators past and present; Chloe Tennant (Cholly) and George Harris (Rookery).

  • "Fresh on the Night!!!"

    The prominent new music blog Fresh on the Net has run a prominent post  on the upcoming Demerara Records Present event that my quintet will be headlining on August 2nd. 

    The post states "Jon’s set will showcase his diverse influences which place him somewhere in that unclassified territory between contemporary classical music and leftfield experimentalism."

    It's a particular honour that Songwriter and 6Music DJ Tom Robinson commented that the bill (also featuring Kerry JK and Environmental Sound Foundation) was a "Great lineup". Tom has recently played my music on his BBC Introducing show as well as writing favourably about my track Echoes on Cambridge Street as a Fresh Fave on the site. I am truely grateful of his support and respect the exposure he gives to new artists.

  • Performance at Bucks County Museum

    On June 23rd "Jon Samsworth and Co." performed at Bucks County Museum as part of Structured Disasters. Myself, Mark Browne, Malcolm Smith and Viktor Volarić-Horvat were augmented by Chloe Tennant on violin. Not only did we play the 20 minute piece written for the MK Gallery Structured Disasters concert but we also performed new material in preparation for our upcoming Demerara Records Presents headline on August 2nd.

    (Photograph by Anthony Greenall - used with permission).

  • Trust-the-Doc

    I appear in the 3rd edition of composer Neil March's Trust-the-Doc blog, which focuses on a wide variety of new music. He writes:

    Jon Samsworth is a composer whose delicate instrumental piece Echoes on Cambridge Street was a highlight of an already very strong group of new tracks submitted to the Listening Post. His harmonically inventive and at times exquisitely dissonant Coconut Heralds demonstrates his ability to glide effortlessly between harmonic states and contrasting textures. Jon’s music deserves to be heard far and wide...

  • Tom Robinson's BBC Introducing Mixtape

    "From his adventurous debut EP "Without Words", which I recommend very highly indeed".

    Last night Tom Robinson played my track "The Bellringers" just after 54 mins into his BBC Introducing Mixtape show. You can listen to the show or download it as a podcast here. I am particularly grateful of Tom for both this airplay and his positive review of "Echoes on Cambridge Street" on Fresh on the Net.

  • The Freak Zone

    "Echoes on Cambridge Street" received national airplay over the weekend when Stuart Maconie played it on his show The Freak Zone (BBC Radio 6 Music).

    You read more about the show here.