The Allotment (2011, Trailer, 7 mins, Tristan Versluis)

Music for a Roald Dahl style childrens story with a sinister twist.

Kill Keith (In production, Feature, Andy Thompson)

Pre-production composition and production of a parody ‘boy-band’ style song for a horror-comedy starring Keith Chegwin and Vanessa Feltz.

Ellie Rose (2010, 90 mins, Tristan Versluis)

Score for a dark psychological horror story starring Lucy Benjamin (Eastenders) set in 1950’s America. Music ranges from intense horror to emotional scenes and 1950’s period pop music.

Ellie Rose Sound-mix

Complete music, sound design, dialogue cleanup and mix for the above feature screener.

Pixel (2009, 15 mins, Tristan Versluis)

Black horror-comedy from established SFX artist (Sweeney Todd, Hot Fuzz) now director Tristan Versluis.

Pain (2009, 6 mins, Chris Morrell)

Score for a subtle emotional drama.

The Scar Crow (2009, 90 mins, Andy Thompson & Pete Benson)

Horror-Comedy set both during 18th century witch trials and the present day.

Winner of the ‘Best Sci-fi / Horror’ award at the London Independent Film Festival 2009 and screened both nationally and at Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles.

The Steam Priests (2007, 30 mins)

Collaborative score for a multimedia gallery commission with The Dust Collectors.